Oct 07

Information & Help Sessions for Employers and PSWs Transitioning from TNT to PPL as Payroll Vendor

Oregon Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) is transitioning payroll vendors from TNT to PCG Public Partnerships (aka, “Public Partnerships, LLC” or “PPL”). This is also known as the “Financial Management Agent Services” (FMAS), formerly called “Fiscal Intermediary Services” (FI Services).

This transition will affect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who use self-directed services. These individuals, or the person who employs Personal Support Workers (PSWs) on their behalf, will need to get enrolled with PPL in order to avoid any disruption in paying their PSWs. All PSWs will also need to enroll with PPL in order to continue to be paid for the services they provide.

To make this transition as seamless as possible, there will be a number of in-person information sessions held across the state, as well as live and recorded webinars addressing this change and how it affects certain stakeholder groups.

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Jan 20

Personal Support Worker eXPRS Training Videos

DHS has released several training videos for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to YouTube, regarding the upcoming change to the new eXPRS data & billing system.

UPDATE (1-21-15): It seems there were some reported issues with the audio quality of the training videos, so DHS took them down in order to fix the audio. We’ll update the links & videos once they’re working again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

UPDATE (1-23-15): DHS believes they have corrected the audio issues with the video(s) and have reposted them. The links and embedded videos in this post have been updated. Thank you for your patience!

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Aug 28

Updated Billing Timelines

Update (1Jan2015): Personal Support Workers (Domestic Employees and/or Independent Contractors providing services defined as Personal Support Work) should refer to the updated TNT PSW Billing Calendar for 2015. Due dates and times may have changed since this news item was originally posted, due to requirements imposed by TNT and/or DHS.

As many of you are well aware, there are considerable changes being made to the DD system (at the State, CDDP & Brokerage levels), at present.

One such change includes where & how Plan of Care is being tracked and when & how Service Providers are being paid.

The State has hoped to get all Plan of Care information into their eXPRS data system by July 1, 2014. That implementation date was tabled, due to the fact of what can best be described as ‘growing pains’ (certain Provider information was not yet in the system, the system itself was not yet ‘production-ready,’ etc.).

The State has instead decided to ‘phase in’ the new eXPRS data system in stages. This means that certain providers will be billing directly in eXPRS, while others will still be submitting invoices and timesheets in a manner similar to how they always have, for the time being.

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Apr 16

[Short Notice] Training for Personal Support Workers on Using eXPRS

This is the first of a series of trainings and information for DD PSW and IC-PSW providers on for claims processing and payment in the eXPRS Payment System beginning July 1, 2014. This training will cover the information a PSW or IC-PSW will need to know to get ready for July 1st.

This training will be provided online, so participants will need access to a computer to pre-register and to participate/receive this training.

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Jan 22

Beaverton Citizens with Disabilities Advisory Committee Looking for New Members

SDRI was recently forwarded information regarding several openings for new members on the City of Beaverton’s Citizens with Disabilities Advisory Committee. We are advised they are volunteer positions. The Committee is interested in any SDRI staff, providers, clients, family of clients who might be interested in joining. There are approximately 4 new member positions available.

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