Mission Statement

“To support people with disabilities to determine and direct their lives. Since 1997.”

Self-Determination Resources, Inc. (SDRI) is a unique organization. SDRI’s overarching goal is to assist people with developmental disabilities and their families to achieve true choice and control of the supports and resources available to them. This goal is grounded in the concept of self-determination; a concept built on the fundamental belief that if people gain control of their supports and resources, their lives will improve and costs will decrease.

Working towards that aim, SDRI values: Freedom, Personal Authority, Support & Responsibility.


Principles of Self-Determination

Self-Determination is based on the following principles:

Freedom. The freedom to plan and live the life you choose.

SDRI believes in the ability of individuals with freely chosen family and/or friends to plan a life, with necessary support, rather than purchasing a program.

Authority. The authority to decide what is right for you.

SDRI recognizes the authority of a person with a disability (with a social network, if needed) to control a certain sum of dollars in order to purchase their own supports.

Support. Support in your decision to build the life you want.

SDRI enables the arranging of resources and personnel – both formal and informal – that will assist an individual with a disability to live a life rich in community association and contribution.

Responsibility. Responsibility for the decisions you make about your life.

SDRI encourages the acceptance of a valued role in a person’s community through employment, organizational affiliations, spiritual development, and general caring for others in the community, as well as accountability for spending public dollars in ways that are life enhancing for persons with disabilities.