Mandatory Abuse Reporting

To prevent abuse and safeguard the welfare of adults with developmental disabilities, the Oregon legislature determined it was necessary and in the public interest to require mandatory abuse reporting for certain private and public officials.

A mandatory reporter (all SDRI staff, county case managers, Personal Support Workers / Domestic Employees and any other support providers contracted to serve Brokerage customers) must report to the community program or a local law enforcement agency all incidents where the reporter has reasonable cause to believe abuse may have occurred or is presently occurring.

If you believe abuse is occurring, immediately contact your county developmental disability program (typically Washington county) and also your local law enforcement agency if you believe a crime is being committed or has been committed.

You may also report abuse to Department of Human Services (DHS) by calling the Office of Investigations and Training (OIT) at 503-945-9495 or toll free at 1-866-406-4287.

For additional information regarding abuse and reporting, please see Oregon DHS’s page on Abuse & Neglect. You may also wish to view this Training for Families Receiving Services (requires the Adobe Flash plugin).

Providers of services to Brokerage customers should read this Mandatory Abuse Reporting Notice (including filling out and returning the acknowledgment page) at least once per year and print out a copy of the short Mandatory Abuse Reporting Sheet for easy reference.