Staff Directory


(503) 292-7142


E-mail, where name is the first name of the staff you wish to contact.

For easy reference, staff phone extensions and e-mail prefixes are published below.

Secure E-mail

If you have received a secure e-mail via the Barracuda secure e-mail system and are unsure how to proceed, please see our helpful reference: How to Access SDRI Secure E-mails Using Barracuda.


Admin Directory

Name Position Phone Ext. E-mail
Dan P. Executive Director 111 [email protected]
Andrea PA Assistant 148 [email protected]
Jamie Bookkeeper 139 [email protected]
Kristin Provider Coordinator 127 [email protected]
Meg ONA Assessor 120 [email protected]
Michael Data Manager 110 [email protected]
Randi Provider Coordinator 134 [email protected]
Samantha Office Assistant, Receptionist 126 [email protected]
Timothy Part-time Office Support


Personal Agent Directory

Name Position Phone Ext. E-mail
Diane PA Supervisor 114 [email protected]
Emily C. Personal Agent 113 [email protected]
Emily S. Personal Agent 137 [email protected]
Erin Personal Agent 138 [email protected]
Frank Personal Agent 136 [email protected]
Ginny Personal Agent 124 [email protected]
Jennifer Personal Agent 131 [email protected]
Johanna Personal Agent 140 [email protected]
Josh Personal Agent 129 [email protected]
Julia Personal Agent 117 [email protected]
Kelly PA Supervisor 121 [email protected]
Kristina Personal Agent 122 [email protected]
Lisa Personal Agent 118 [email protected]
Madison Personal Agent 119 [email protected]
Mary PA Supervisor 115 [email protected]
Melissa B. Personal Agent 125 [email protected]
Morgan Personal Agent 123 [email protected]
Rande Personal Agent 128 [email protected]
Rebecca Personal Agent 130 [email protected]
Sue Personal Agent 135 [email protected]

Please keep in mind that our personal agents are often at meetings either in or out of the office and/or working with customers on a personal basis. If you are unable to reach the person you are calling for during our normal hours of operation, we ask that you leave a message on the individual’s voice mail, and they will return your call as soon as possible.

You may dial 0 at any time for operator assistance. If an operator is unable to take your call, you may directly dial the extension of the staff you wish to contact.

If it is an emergency and you are unable to reach the staff you wish to contact, or the operator, you may dial extension 111 to speak to our Executive Director and he will assist you if possible.