Membership Information

Co-Op Role Definitions

  • TASC: The Training Advisory Steering Committee is the creator, initiator, and oversight group for the DD Training Co-Op. TASC formerly oversaw the Region 1 Training Program. TASC has residential, vocational, foster, brokerage, and regional representation, with open monthly meetings and membership.
  • Co-Op Members: DD Provider agencies who agree to share responsibilities for hosting training in exchange for access to other Co-Op classes. Co-Op member agencies participate in planning, coordinating, and hosting classes for their staff, clients, families, and subcontractors. There are no membership fees.

Co-Op Membership Benefits

  • Access for your staff or individual subcontractors to all classes offered through the Co-op at member rates.
  • Access to a centralized website for training class schedules and information.
  • Access to many of the basic competency classes offered by the former Region 1 Training Program (despite the loss of that program).
  • Opportunities to access additional classes beyond the basic Co-Op master schedule by the initiative of individual Co-Op members.
  • Classes strategically scheduled so that your staff will have needed training available on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • Opportunity for networking with other Co-Op Member agencies.
  • Being a key part of enhancing the skills and knowledge of the pool of people providing services for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Data collection on in-kind contributions of time and resources from each member agency to help document the need for future funding if/when budgets recover.

Co-Op Member Contact Person’s Responsibilities

  • Regularly keep staff within your own agency and subcontractor circle informed of all Co-Op classes.
  • Post a copy of the Co-Op’s web site flyer in a common area. Staff or visitors may find it useful (optional).
  • Host 1-3 classes each year as assigned in the Co-Op Master Schedule. By the 15th of the month, two full months ahead of the assigned month of the class, coordinate:
    • Instructor availability (from the instructor list provided)
    • Acceptable class date, time, fee
    • Classroom with free or low cost parking (partial list available)
    • Flyer distribution by e-mail and snail mail to other Co-Op members about the who, what, where, when, how, and fee for each hosted class (using the Keepers’ updated mailing lists)
    • Equipment needs (IE, VCR, projector, TV, blackboard)
    • Registration for hosted classes
    • Simple beverages and snacks
    • Sign-in roster (Co-Op format)
    • Certificates of Attendance for all students at the end of each class
    • Submission of simple data sheet & final roster to the Keeper
  • Register and collect registration fees for hosted classes to cover costs and encourage attendance ($10 plus).
  • Set aside a minimum of 50% of classroom capacity for Co-Op students if sending your own staff.
  • If unable to coordinate a class in the assigned month, arrange a trade or postponement and notify the Keeper.