Personal Support Worker eXPRS Training Videos

DHS has released several training videos for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to YouTube, regarding the upcoming change to the new eXPRS data & billing system.

UPDATE (1-21-15): It seems there were some reported issues with the audio quality of the training videos, so DHS took them down in order to fix the audio. We’ll update the links & videos once they’re working again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

UPDATE (1-23-15): DHS believes they have corrected the audio issues with the video(s) and have reposted them. The links and embedded videos in this post have been updated. Thank you for your patience!

From DHS’ e-mail this morning (1-20-15):

The Orientation & Demonstration/Training videos on using eXPRS for PSW & IC-PSW providers are now available on YouTube for viewing.

The videos are in 2 parts:

Part 1 covers the general information on the transition to using eXPRS for PSW / IC-PSW providers:
Watch Part 1 Video here:

Part 2 is a demonstration of how to submit billing data in eXPRS for PSW/IC-PSW providers.
Watch Part 2 Video here:

See below for embedded copies of the YouTube videos:

While certain service categories rendered by Agencies have been billed & paid through the eXPRS system since September 2014, SDRI will probably not be making the full switch to paying for all services via the new system until approximately April 2015.

These videos can also be viewed from SDRI’s Facebook Page (be sure to ‘Like’ our Page and make sure that ‘Following’ is checked, in order to receive Facebook updates from SDRI).

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