Tri-Met is Changing Its Handling of New Annual Passes (Action Required)

In years past, Tri-Met has taken orders for annual passes and then mailed 12 individual monthly passes. That is changing October 1, 2012. Annual passes will now be mailed once as a single photo pass good for the entire year.*

This may require action on the part of some Tri-Met clients before ordering a new annual pass.

If you have a current Honored Citizen’s Photo ID Card, Tri-Met has your photo on file and no further action is required before ordering an annual HC pass. Otherwise, if Tri-Met does not have your photo on file, you will need to visit Tri-Met (at the Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square) and have them take your photo before you can order a new annual pass. Having your photo taken by Tri-Met is free. Unfortunately, many of Tri-Met’s clients who utilize the LIFT service do not have their photos on file and will need to make the trip to have their photo taken.

Keep in mind that photos must be on file prior to the ordering deadline which is nearly a month ahead of the delivery date (approximately the first week of the month prior to the effective date of the pass). This means that clients who would like to order a pass that begins in October will need to have their photo on file with Tri-Met at the start of September, and so on.

For more information (including how to contact Tri-Met if you have questions), please see Tri-Met’s brief announcement of the policy change.

* Note: New annual passes will no longer be mailed monthly. Please don’t lose or throw out this single annual pass. It is for use throughout the entire year. If this single annual pass gets discarded, lost or misplaced, Tri-Met can replace it (for a $20 fee).

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