Department of Human Services — 2012 Town Hall Meeting (Recap)

A couple weeks ago DHS hosted Town Hall meetings around the state to encourage a public dialogue on the major initiatives DHS is focusing on (Economy and Jobs, Healthy People, Safety and Education).

In case you missed the town hall meeting presentation(s), it’s now posted here (on Oregon DHS’s YouTube channel). If you want to review the presentation, it is forty minutes long. There is an additional question and answer period of approximately the same length that follows.

The Town Hall(s) gave people an opportunity to provide feedback and ideas as well as to meet with some of DHS’s executive team members, including our director, Erinn Kelley-Siel. Many people from the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities community were present, making it a strong showing of investment, commitment and partnership.

There was substantial discussion in every community as well as unanimous agreement on the importance of collaboration. As we head toward the next legislative session it is important to work together as partners and listen to all the good ideas that can make our system better.

To recap some of what was discussed: Oregon’s Developmental Disabilities system is focusing on activities that will improve the quality of life in communities for Oregonians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Another major focus is ensuring a sustainable system for the long term. There are several strategies to accomplish these goals, including but not limited to better supporting family members as caregivers, implementing new service models, and improving employment outcomes for working age adults.

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