Reminder: Personal Support Worker Dues Deductions Begin in October

In June 2011, Personal Support Workers voted in favor of representation by SEIU Local 503. This means that all Support Providers in Oregon classed as “Personal Support Workers” under House Bill 3618 (including PSWs who are not members of the union) are represented by SEIU Local 503.

This is just a quick reminder that, in compliance with House Bill 3618 and the Collective Bargaining Agreement between SEIU (Service Employees International Union; AKA SEIU Local 503) and the State of Oregon, union dues or “fair share” contributions will begin to be automatically deducted from Domestic Employee wages for all Personal Support Worker hours worked after September 30th, 2012.

Any Independent Contractors providing services that meet the HB 3618 definition of “Personal Support Worker” shall be solely responsible for contributing their own dues or “fair share” payment.

If you have questions regarding these deductions, you may contact SEIU directly:




[email protected]

Postal Mail

SEIU Headquarters
PO BOX 12159
SALEM OR 97309-0159

Please note that inquiries to SDRI regarding union dues and “fair share” contributions may be redirected to SEIU.

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