Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Survey

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp has asked for feedback from attendees and their families regarding Kiwanis Camp. Please read Kiwanis Camp’s call for feedback and take a few minutes to fill out their survey (link provided below).

Hello camp friends, supporters, and families,

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp is working to develop our next 5 year strategic plan, taking our camp all the way to 2019.  The goals that we identify in our new plan will set the direction for our program, campsite, development, and communications efforts in the coming years.  As we gather all of the data and review our ideas for growth, we would benefit from your feedback and thoughts about the future of our camp. We have prepared a survey that addresses several different aspects of our camp’s operations and we would really appreciate your input. This should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete and your answers are strictly confidential.  The survey link will be live for the next three weeks and we hope that everyone will participate by the 19th of August [2013].

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