Information For New or Potential Customers

Please check back with us frequently. More information may be added to this page, or its contents altered, as new information is made available.

We will try to provide relevant information for newly enrolled customers and those considering utilizing our services.



New customers or those considering becoming customers may wish to read the Roadmap to Support Services (current versions hosted here, where it is also available in Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian).

The above document is provided courtesy of the Oregon Department of Human Services, in collaboration with the Oregon Advocacy Center, and the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities.

While not all information in the above document pertains directly to Self-Determination Resources, Inc. (SDRI), we believe that it is best to provide you with as much information as possible to better understand our role in support services, and the system in general.

It is a worthwhile read, covering a broad range of topics including, but not limited to: the philosophy of Self-Determination, an introduction to support services, eligibility information, county and state roles, current benefit levels, the brokerage system, planning for and implementing support services, information about support providers, quality assurance and grievance procedures and protective services.

For further information, you might consider viewing these slide presentations: Roadmap Basics (how we determine what is / isn’t and allowable Support Services expenditure) and The Roadmap and Transition to Support Services (how to enroll with Brokerages and what to expect).


Person-Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning (PCP) is a process that assists people with disabilities and their families to plan for the future. Through structured exercises focusing on the Person’s strengths and preferences, a snapshot of the Person and possibilities for the future are created.

For a brief overview of what the Person-Centered Planning process look like, see: Person Centered Planning — Creating Your Future.


Additional Information

For additional information on Brokerages and Support Services, please see the Department of Human Services’ Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities website below, or the more specific Brokerage Support Services for Adults page.