Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

June 21, 2013 @ 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Kaiser Permanente Town Hall
3704 North Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
$25/co-op member, $50/non-member. +$7.50/lunch, if desired. (Payable to 'Community Services.')
Stephanie Huber

Assigned Host:

Community Services, Inc.


George E. Hall MSW


Sexualized Behavior and associated Behavior Change through Positively Charged Relationships has undergone significant change in the last ten plus years  – especially as related to the rapidly emerging research about BRAIN function and Addiction. This training will focus on these sexualized risk behaviors as related to individuals who present with some form of developmental disability. Such behavior can bridge the span of naïve behavior engagement to the more clinically concerning sexual arousal disorders.  Knowing the difference is the first critical step in assessing risk and the eventual development of appropriate support strategies. A necessary supposition for this training is the understanding of the critically important analysis of the Whole Person, not just a focus on what the individual does with their genitals. First line support staff will benefit from attendance at this training. However, additionally important, is the need for management decision makers to understand the content of the training.   Clinically based information will be translated into OIS and everyday language to facilitate an application of the learned knowledge to a more useable and client specific support plan.

This training is also based upon the belief that adult learners learn best through an interactive model – so please be prepared with your questions.


Historic 2-story building in Kaiser complex. Between Failing & Overlook, a few blocks west of I-5.

Driving: I-5 North to exit 303 -OR- I-5 South to exit 302B to Interstate Ave. Park free.
MAX: Yellow Line to Overlook.

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