The Humanization Principle: Whole-Person Approaches to Behavior Supports

April 30, 2015 @ 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
East Portland Police Precinct
737 Southeast 106th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216
$30/co-op member, $60/non-member. (Check or money order payable to 'Dungarvin Oregon.')
Gina Loraine
503-624-0205 x8002

Assigned Host:

Dungarvin Oregon


Lori Thompson, M.S. Ed


This training is based on the belief that individual staff persons and their day-to-day job concerns must be directly addressed. Too often, individuals who provide support go “unheard.” Throughout the training, Lori will demystify the ill-conceived notion that there is some “magical formula” out there to deal with difficult and challenging behaviors or that one piece of behavioral technology can take away behavior problems.

Throughout history, what has changed our inhumanity towards one another has been our ATTITUDES and PHILOSOPHY surrounding co-existence and mutual regard. Staff persons must learn to look within themselves to discover “answers” to challenging behavior. In addition, they must advocate, not blindly, but with accurate information and a supported feeling that they are The Most Important Variable in Behavior Support.

Participants will discover effective support strategies through case studies representing day-to-day situations, investigation into the concept of culture shock, discovery of best practice thinking and a focus on causes rather than on symptoms.

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