Forensics, PSRB, & Community Corrections Partnership with DD Service Providers & Service Coordinators in Community Placement & Supervision

September 19, 2016 @ 10:00 AM – 12:45 PM
Midland Library
805 SE 122nd Ave
Portland, OR 97233
$20/co-op member, $30/non-member. (check or money order payable to 'Region 1.')
Irene Lee

Assigned Host:

Region 1 Crisis Diversion


Matt Bighouse, Program Analyst/ODDS Forensic Liaison
Juliet Britton, Executive Director of Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board
Liv Jenssen, Manager, Assessment & Referral Center for Dept. of Community Justice, Multnomah Co.
Brian Hughes, Multnomah County, DD Abuse Investigations Supervisor
Linda Lund, Region 1 Crisis Diversion Program Specialist


This panel presentation and discussion is of interest to YOU if you are a Group Home, Foster Home, or In-Home support provider, a county case manager or a brokerage personal agent supporting adults. This panel will present an overview and discussion on how the judicial system engages with adults who receive services and case management through ODDS-funded community programs.

Learn current information about and your role in:

  • conditions of release under Community Justice (parole/probation) and PSRB (Psychiatric Security Review Board), & other court ordered placement and supervision conditions;
  • the process to determine if an adult you support is able to aid and assist in their legal defense;
  • the DD civil commitment process;
  • what determines a verdict of “guilty but insane” in Oregon

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