How to Enroll in SDRI Services

Developmental Disability Services

Clients enter the Brokerage system through Community Developmental Disability Programs (CDDPs). It is the County CDDP’s responsibility to determine whether someone is  eligible for support services. Once it has been determined that a client is eligible for support services, that client may be referred to the Brokerage system.

If you are interested in enrolling in Brokerage services, your first step should be to contact the local CDDP in your county.

For Washington County, the CDDP’s main line is (503) 846-3150 and the intake line is (503) 846-4737. Other counties will have their own intake phone numbers.

You may also wish to review the Roadmap to Support Services (current version and other languages available here).

Privately Paid Services

Those individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities who are not directly eligible to receive services paid through the Support Services for Adults program may opt to pay privately (out-of-pocket) for Brokerage and support services.

For additional information, please see our Private Pay brochure.

If you wish to purchase services or if you have any additional questions, please contact our Executive Director.

Mental Health Services

Referrals to Brokerage services are currently made through Washington County’s Mental Health Services as part of the Adult Mental Health Initiative (AMHI).

The target population is that subset of individuals who because of a mental illness:

  • Are currently residing at a state hospital;
  • Are currently residing in a licensed community based setting;
  • Are under a civil commitment;
  • Were under a civil commitment that recently expired; or
  • Would deteriorate to meeting one of the above criteria without treatment and community supports.